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I m o g e n  B e l f i e l d: Such inspiring pieces, all so sumptuous 

Design Philosophy

My jewellery collection reflects how the city has become my muse, inspiring these ‘architectural hors d’oeuvres’ in which the porcelain forms nestle within the protective grip of the metal. The creation of these porcelain forms juxtaposed with mild steel, silver and gold is only made possible by an uglier, less attractive material being formed, filled and kilned. It is only through extensive experimentation with processes, that I am able to sharpen my knives and tuck into a dainty dish of materials, exploiting and utilising their qualities.

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MFW London F/W 2012

Backstage with selfservice magazine at P r i n g l e

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T R A B U C A  T O P 

T R A B U C A  L E G S

Designer__ Hannah Bryon-Staples

Photographer__ Damien L Hockey

Model__  Natalie Sharma

(Source: annectojewellery)

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